5th gym day back. How does adult life not come with participation trophies? I could really go for some false recognition right about now.

It turns out that turk-rest-api makes that really easy.

I collected some results of twenty random strangers from the internet who wanted to be paid ten cents to write literally anything; the description of the task was “Life counseling, one text box at a time.” and the question was “This is my fifth day back at the gym. Please respond.” and everyone who submitted an answer was accepted.

  • I started to get lose my weight.
  • Keep it up, the hardest part is getting to the gym, once you are there its cake!
  • enjoy!!
  • Congratulations on keeping with your fitness regimen so far! Not to stymie your efforts but make sure you are resting sufficiently between sessions to get the maximal benefit of your efforts. Perhaps you could try consulting with a trainer to see if there are any adjustments you can make to your routine to help make sure that you are properly approaching your work outs.
  • Make your body stay fit.
  • work hard and hard……..get good results.
  • Doing exercise is always good.Do you exercise everyday?
  • I think that it is great that you have done five days back at the gym. Keep up the good work and pretty soon you will reach your goal !! Just take it one trip at a time.
  • Good for you! I know you can do it. You will be healthier.
  • Good for you! Keep at it and you are sure to see great changes in your body going forward.
  • I Will be regular
  • You should drink milk after exercise.
  • On my 5th day at gym i felt some pain. I also wanted to increase some weight woth the tools i used fo the past two days. I can feel some muscle all aound my body geting tight. I used thumbles, bar weight, sholde bar. I made my work outs for chest,arms,bicubs,tisubs and sholder.
  • That’s awesome! Soon you’ll start to see results.
  • nothing wrong in it……
  • Your body will be fit very well.
  • i am very happy to respond i went to gym 5th day, it is very interesting do the gym, i liked the exercise, than i get the fitness. so i get back to gym at 5th day. i feel very happy.
  • Good for you! Getting momentum is important when building a new habit! Keep it going!
  • That is great news. It is important to have a positive self image. Going to the gym is a great way to keep your mind and body in tune.

All in all, vague supportive messages were right on target.