Lee Butterman

Some things I’m proud of building:
Reading environment with
adjustable interlinear vocabulary
for Latin texts to help you read 3x faster
that makes customized vocab lists
based on just the words you don’t know.

(Ruby, ~5k lines of code.)
Master's project at Tufts.
Poeta Ex Machina
Text to speech for Latin poetry.
Used MBROLA for phoneme synthesis.
(AWK, Ruby. ~500 lines of code.)
Bachelor's thesis at Brown.
Text entropy visualization
Interactive visualization of the
information content of text, based on
0th-order to 4th-order Markov models
of English from Google Books ngrams.

(Hive, Ruby, JS, d3. ~500 lines of code.)
Passphrase safety
Interactive visualization of the entropy
of a passphrase; implemented
Golomb-compressed sequences
for probabilistic set membership
totally in the browser.
Used QuickCheck and tail-call optimization
for a fast initial version in Haskell,
then manually translated that
into high-performance Javascript.
(Hive, Haskell, JS, Backbone. ~500 lines of code.)
Subtree of Life
Explore how two organisms
diverged on the tree of life.
Taxonomy from Linnaeus, via Wikipedia.

Web app soon (Ruby, JS, Backbone). Android app soon.
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—Lee Butterman, San Francisco, 2012.